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Financial Dictionary

I noticed that a lot of companies use fancy terms, big words or random acronyms just to confuse us. When we’re confused they can use their little tricks to subtly take our money from us. Getting richer as we…

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Useful Tools

Loan Calculator

So you’re thinking of taking out a loan to pay for something? A loan is big commitment and isn’t free money! You have to pay back interest on the money that you borrow. Sometimes, depending on your credit history,…

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Useful Tools

Running a House Calculator

So you’re planning on buying a new house & already understand all of the hidden costs involved in the buying process! What most people forget are the hidden costs involved in running & keeping your house. Remember that you…

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Useful Tools

Buying a House Calculator

Buying your own house is a massive achievement! But, in the excitement of searching for the perfect house we normally forget all the other hidden costs to buying a house. So, we’ve put together a quick calculator to help…

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Useful Tools

Salary Calculator

The amount we earn has a massive effect on how much wealth we can generate & keep! So we’ve put together a quick calculator to help you understand how much money you make each month from your yearly salary.…

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How Do I Invest In Stocks & Shares?

Investing in stocks & shares is 10x easier than most people think! I usually buy stocks & shares online. These websites are called trading platforms, they are pretty cheap & very easy to use. It’s a two step process,…

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How to Take Your Pension?

So you’ve saved for years and have both a private pension & a state pension…your good! Once you hit 55 you can start to take money out of your pension. The great thing is, if you need to take…

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